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X becomes a Google Display Placement

X Joins Google Display Network – What You Need to Know

On the 28th of September 2023, X (formerly known as Twitter) made a big move by joining forces with the Google Display Network (GDN). This exciting development is set to change the game for advertisers everywhere, offering new opportunities and challenges in the world of digital marketing.

Obligitory Elon Musk Joke: Why did Elon Musk break up with his X? Because he couldn’t find the ‘Space’ in their relationship for ‘X’ploration!

twitter blue logo begind the new x logo

X (Formerly Twitter) Ads Joins Google

Why the Change?

Over the past year, X has faced its fair share of challenges when it comes to advertising. To provide a better experience for advertisers and users alike, they’ve outsourced this part of their business to the experts at Google. You can now access X’s home feed inventory through Google Ads Display campaigns.

Performance Expectations of X via GDN

You might be wondering how this change will impact your campaigns. Well, get ready for some interesting shifts in the digital marketing landscape! With X becoming a part of the Google Display Network, we can anticipate a sudden spike in performance, especially when looking at cross-channel performance between Display and Paid Social where X is involved.

As advertisers, we will need to carefully test the performance and may even segment to test this new and risky placement.

Where do placements on X show?

We have been informed by Google that this placement will provide the opportunity for your brand’s ads to show on the ‘X’ Home Timeline on its iOS and Android Apps. The Google Display Network is already a collection of OVER 200 million sites, apps, and videos where your Google ads can appear.

Brand Safety Considerations of X Placement

While this partnership brings immense potential, there are also critical factors to consider, particularly in the realm of brand safety. X has always prided itself on preserving free speech, and this is a cornerstone of its platform. However, this commitment raises questions about the type of content your client’s ads might be associated with.

It’s crucial to consider the benefits of this new advertising opportunity against the potential risks. Given the platform’s dedication to free speech, there may be instances where your ads appear alongside content that could be controversial or divisive. As a Paid Media agency, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our clients are aware of these considerations and are prepared to navigate this unique landscape.

How you can prepare for this major change:

With X becoming a Google Display placement from September 28th, it’s essential to be proactive in adapting your digital marketing strategies. Here are a few steps to prepare for this exciting transition:

Please review your campaigns: Take a close look at your existing campaigns and assess how this change might impact your targeting, messaging, and overall performance.

Be reactive and adjust your strategy: Consider how you can leverage this new partnership to your advantage. Explore creative ways to reach a broader audience and drive better results.

Monitor brand safety: Stay vigilant about the content your ads are associated with. Implement appropriate safeguards and regularly review placements to ensure they align with your client’s brand values. The last thing any brand wants is to be showing their high-quality ads next to false news stories on X or worse.

Stay Informed on brand news: Keep an eye on industry news and updates related to this partnership. The digital marketing landscape is ever evolving, and staying informed is key to success.


This news of the integration of X into the Google Display Network is an exciting development that opens up new horizons for advertisers. While it comes with opportunities for improved cross-channel performance, it also requires careful consideration of brand safety in a unique online environment. As a Paid Media agency, your adaptability and strategic thinking will be your greatest assets in making the most of this change. Get ready for a dynamic shift in the digital advertising landscape starting this month.

If you need advice on how to test this new placement or manage the brand safety for your PPC Campaigns then give Bigwave a call on 01392 492380 or speak to our Paid Media team.

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