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Why graphic design is more important than you think

With hundreds of concerns a day, you may be tempted to dismiss the need for expertly crafted graphic design. But here are five reasons that graphic design is more important to your business than you think.


1)    First impressions count: The way your brand is displayed will have an impact on how it’ll be perceived by potential clients. Whether it’s a business card or brochure, packaging or program, customers will judge a business within a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is key that your company has a standard design that targets your customers, portrays the business as a whole and enables you to stand out from competitors. If customers are already aware of the great design work you’re capable of, they will be more inclined to work with you.


2)    Communication: The use of graphic design doesn’t stop at your logo or your website – it can be used to communicate ideas using visual aids. An informative image such as an infographic can convey ideas that can’t be expressed with words alone. A professionally designed image can create a positive impression and avoid misunderstanding.


3)    Efficiency and productivity: A well designed website and overall brand experience can boost morale among staff as it gives them a sense of pride in belonging to an attractive brand. Your website is an area of your business where bad designs are likely to be observed. A simple and practical design should include easy navigation, appropriate colours and legible fonts, rather than garish colours, indistinct fonts and unclear menus.


4)    Presentation and perception: Graphic design plays a key role within the decision-making process. Potential clients will invest in companies that have quality designs and are perceived to be trustworthy – the presentation and perception of a business can be the making or breaking of this. It is critical that you present your business in the best way possible by investing in quality design.


5)    ’Consistency is king’: Brand recognition is key to becoming a memorable brand – chopping and changing the style of the marketing materials can be harmful to the brand, leaving mixed messages and causing confusion to potential clients. A strong brand takes several years to mature, be brave, have faith in your identity and the rewards will come with consistency.


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