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The 10 Types of Traditional Marketing Methods to Implement

Although digital marketing is on the rise, that does not mean that traditional marketing methods have been disregarded. It is often important to go back to basics for an effective marketing strategy.

In this blog, we will be discussing 10 different types of traditional marketing methods and how they can still be highly effective for your business (even in this technology-based world). Although some methods require a particular setup, traditional marketing can produce good ROI and when combined with online marketing methods, traditional marketing techniques can hold a high value and relevance.

1. Billboards

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Billboards are still very common now like they were in the 80s, whether it has been printed or hand printed. They are known for being image focused with a little amount of text, as eye-catching images are a great way to raise brand awareness.  Although it is difficult to calculate their ROI, they are more focused on creating brand awareness than a direct marketing method. Billboards can create a beneficial long-term effect in comparison to short-term sales.

2. Direct Mail

Even though email marketing is the main source of brand communication, direct mail is something consumers really connect with. Direct mail is highly valuable for its creativity and personalization for a targeted audience. Consumers appreciate direct mail because it is easier to understand and holds great power to influence readers. As it is a physical copy of marketing, it encourages faster response rates, more purchases, and greater ease of retrieval.

Depending on what industry you are based on, direct mail suggests a higher response rate. Pebble Post conducted a study in which they found that customers are more likely to consider purchasing items from a newsletter and postcard if it has been received in the mail.

 3. Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are normally handed out in most establishments, such as shopping centres and streets. Consumers value these methods due to the special discounts and offers that become available. Hand-outs like flyers and brochures can introduce your business to opportunities to help your business grow. Physical traditional marketing mediums can evoke strong responses and help marketers gain a greater reach. There is a great power behind a handout to help your business grow and find new opportunities.

4. Face-to-Face Interaction

Traditional marketing that involves face-to-face interaction is highly connective and interactive, as they harness the power of human interaction. The value of human interaction is also highly important when finalizing a sale. Face-to-face marketing can also help to strengthen relationships with customers, which in turn can create brand loyalty on behalf of the customer. It is also important to note the accessibility of face-to-face interaction and how this can benefit a customer who wants a solution quicker than using a digital medium.

5. Print Ads

The world of print media is still around although nothing new is being created for it to evolve. Digital media has enhanced print media as mediums like newspapers and magazines are available on digital platforms. For example, Vogue has its own website where they also release monthly magazines for viewers to read. For the likes of a handy smartphone where anything is downloadable, it may create a different experience for consumers, in which they may realize they prefer to read a physical copy.

6. Event Marketing

The days of networking still exist as the buzz that is created at events can generate more interest to gain knowledge from peers. It also gives marketers an opportunity to meet other people in their industry and to showcase their products live to audiences. Consistently marketing your business at events will bring substantial benefits and visibility to your brand. Your network will begin to expand as people begin to recognise you, and your business will benefit greatly.

7. Poster Ads

Posters are one of the oldest marketing strategies for businesses. A study from USPS and Template University states that physical ads still create more brand recall than digital ads. Modern technology can allow us to create highly creative and effective digital posters, as an upgrade from this old marketing strategy. Posters have a lot of potential which is often underestimated. As marketers, we can use posters to generate leads offline. This means that the power of posters is highly cost-effective.

8. Presentations

Presentations are a form of indirect marketing that can be performed at networking events, conferences, and client proposals, and they are s especially relevant for B2B marketers. An attractive presentation is essential for when marketers present their products, as however well it has been created, will reflect on the marketing team. You want to ensure that the presentation does not look like it has been rushed as marketers don’t want to appear lazy.

As a client, a full-effect presentation would not be their focus, although it can give you a good representation and could save you from having to go back for a second meeting. There are plenty of great tools online to ensure you create an attractive presentation.

9. Broadcasting

Broadcasting comes in many forms, such as platforms like Netflix nowadays. It has been an important component of marketing strategies for many years, and it doesn’t look like it will be going anytime soon. As many small businesses don’t have the budget to invest in a TV advertisement, broadcasting is a great option as it opens the door to reaching vast audiences.

Broadcasting channels are highly beneficial to announce offers and increase brand awareness. It is important to note that it is a lot easier for audiences to listen to an ad than read a poster. A poster is something people will most likely ignore, but people can listen to a radio ad subconsciously.

10. Salespeople

Customer care is a vital component to aid customer conversion and client retention. Face-to-face interaction with customers is important as a salesperson can look at their reactions and act accordingly. Whereas cold calling, for instance, leads to a higher chance of the customer hanging up their phone, a customer is a lot less likely to just walk out. Salespeople are still expensive in comparison to other traditional marketing methods, but this is only due to the high demand for the position as businesses are strict about finding people who can sell well.

It is important to find the balance between traditional and digital marketing to aid your business in a cost-effective manner. It will require experimenting to see what will work best, but you will find methods that will give you the best ROI.

Aim to reach your audience through several different marketing channels and plan your marketing budget so that it isn’t just ROI friendly to involve a varied demographic. Even though digital marketing is still rising, traditional marketing methods will always remain invaluable from the benefits of interactive, skilled, and face-to-face marketing.

If you are interested in finding out more information about our traditional marketing services, contact us.

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