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Launch of Nationwide campaign to recognise and promote Leisure & Cultural Trusts

The ‘Key to Health and Happiness’ campaign is a nationwide effort brought to you by Community Leisure UK and powered by Bigwave marketing. The aim of this campaign is to help communities take advantage of their local, Trust operated, leisure and cultural facilities.

With Trusts and leisure centres in England reopening their doors again on the 2nd December after a second lockdown and facilities in Wales re-opened along with varying restrictions in Scotland, we’re keen to champion this sector and raise awareness of the amazing job they do in keeping local communities healthy and most importantly, happy.

Through ongoing research and feedback from Community Leisure UK member Trusts across the UK, the campaign concept has been developed and fine-tuned to motivate members to unlock the ‘keys’ to health and happiness by experiencing the vast array of services provided by their local charitable trust.

As well as focusing on customer retention, we also want to attract new members to their local charitable Trust by bringing to light the positive impact in which exercise has on physical and mental health – especially during a time of COVID-19 where we need to be as healthy as we can be to combat the virus. The campaign serves a secondary purpose to educate the public about the benefits of the Trust model while delivering a commercial message and return for Trusts within their communities.

Chief Executive of Community Leisure UK, Kirsty Cumming has said the following, “Supporting our members to help them engage and support their communities, isour priority. Having a dedicated campaignlike this one created by Bigwave, enablespublic leisure and culture services toreally articulate their role for communitiesand their keenness to connect with theircustomers during and after this currentpandemic.”

Tom Gozna, Strategic and Partnerships Director at Bigwave, the UK’s most prominent Leisure & Cultural marketing agency said “We know how difficult it has been for the whole industry during this difficult year, but also how important it is that the Trust sector is recognised for the great work it does to support our communities. This campaign helps to showcase Trusts, whilst also giving the opportunity to increase business in what will be a key time of the year, as part of the recovery.

“Working closely with Community Leisure and the members has enabled all the ideas to be put together to create this national campaign.”

If you are a charitable Trust and want to get involved with this campaign, be sure to get in touch with [email protected] or call 07595 715225 to discuss in more detail.

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