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How to use National Fitness Day to your Advantage.

ukactive unveiled plans to make National Fitness Day bigger and better than ever this year! Taking place on the 9th September 2015, this is set to become the most active day of the year and you can get on board. To help you get fully equipped ahead of this date, here are 4 key areas to focus on:


Engagement is one of the essential factors to increase facility usage around National Fitness Day, engagement reinforces your brand? who wouldn’t want to do this? Engage is the key word here: you need to listen to your audience as much as you talk. Create a personal experience for them, no one wants to talk to a robot. Interacting with people creates the foundations of loyalty, you could persuade the audience as to why they should pick your service over competitors. Replying to posts show how much you value your customers and potential customers. Put it this way, if you were stuck between two businesses and one business engaged over Facebook and Twitter with you and the other one didn’t – what business would you pick? We thought so!

In regards to National Fitness Day, creating Polls on Facebook around the topic such as ‘What are you getting involved with on National Fitness Day?’ shows people that you value their opinion. Social media can showcase your business, writing a simple Facebook post explaining what you can offer is both time efficient and convenient for your audience.

Generating tweets and using the hashtag #NationalFitnessDay will make the tweets trackable and would reach a wider audience. The Hashtag will become particularly useful on the day of the event, especially if the hashtag becomes a trend. Tweeting about a trend will engage a wider audience as they would be searching up the hashtag and your tweet would appear.


Offers and promotions can entice new and current customers to your business- people love a bargain! National Fitness Day is no exception, by offering a promotion of ‘bring a friend for free’ or ‘open day’ for a small price of just signing up. The customer will not think anything of it, however you now have a new database of potential customers that have interest in the facility. From this database you can deliver more promotions to persuade them to sign. All of this said, the vital tip is to make sure that your facility is prepared for the influx of new customers. If you predict that the event will be popular, then think about potential options of spreading the event over two days or just offering promotions to current customers.

Blog posts 

Blog posts are not typically accessible by just stumbling across them, the person has to be actively looking around the subject area for it to appear on their screen. Therefore Blog posts allow you to go into more detail of your content, whereas Facebook and Twitter are just there to entice the customer to their page. Linking your blog post to every relevant social media post can also increase the traffic to your website. We recommend that you explain in full what you are doing on the day and how to get involved, this allows all the information to be on one page for the customer.

Here at Bigwave we wish you the best of luck with National Fitness Day.

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