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How to Pin on Point

Pinterest is quickly becoming the fastest growing social media network, with over 16 million daily active users. So we hear you ask the question, how do I stand out in the sea of other pinners?

People often take this virtual bulletin board to the extreme and go pinning mad, adding any content to their boards to ensure they feature new content. However, with a little care and attention you can make sure your pinning is on point with these essential steps:

1. Create Interesting Boards

Establish boards that focus on lifestyles, events, seasonal trends and wish lists. They are a perfect way to illustrate creative thinking, up to date content and the personality behind your brand. Travel Channel appeals to followers’ sense of adventure with “Daily Escapes”. Add all your boards to categories to ensure your pins will show up under category searches.

2. Use High Quality Images

Pinterest is all about the image. Invest a little time in creating a high-quality, visually appealing image to intrigue your audience; they are much more likely to take a look and repin! Think outside the box and share designed graphics as well as photos; infographics are a great source of visual, clear information.

3. Captions

An engaging caption that captures the alluring nature of the image will increase its sharability. Utilize the channels search function by including hashtags and keywords to widen your audience and consider search engine optimisation.

4. Promote your Business Creatively

Generate a call-to-action in your pins. Integrate online and offline strategies, promote competitions and drive traffic to your website. The potential of Pinterest has been reinforced as it is said to drive more referral traffic than YouTube, Google + or LinkedIn.

5. Research and Measure

It is important to track recent activity to measure the success of your current strategy. Discover the pins and boards that receive the best results and target your future pins similarly. Google Analytics will highlight any keyword searches or referral sources that drove traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest has recently introduced a new messaging feature that allows pinners to have a private conversation around an image. When someone sends you a pin, you can reply with a message and send a pin back. To find out how Pinterest can help your business’ online presence or to chat about designing Pinterest content such as Infographics please give us a call us on 0845 643 2385 or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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