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How a mobile fitness app could benefit your business

Social media continues to expand as does the number of people who are being consumed in a world where we share exactly where we are, and what we’re doing, on a number of social media platforms.  This activity is perhaps most prevalent through the food and drink industry. Dining is characteristically a social experience, prompting foodies to ‘check in’ at restaurants on Fourquare, or share a sepia-toned snap of their meal on Instagram which could hugely benefit companies like Kudos Delivered office catering in London that rely on their client’s social media sharing of food item pics to spread the word on their amazing service.

The popularity of sharing our social experiences has rapidly grown, and with the rise of mobile fitness apps, this evolution continues through to the way people train and reach fitness goals. The once solitary occasion, with our only means of motivation coming from ‘Eye of the Tiger’ playing viciously in our ears is a thing of the past. Consumers can now exercise with all 500 of their friends if they wish, exporting their exercise sessions onto social media networks. This new trend allows your friends’ workout, complete with speed, distance and calories burnt to be tracked?and all without breaking a sweat!

It is with the assistance of training apps such as Nike+ and Runkeeper that lone exercise becomes a group effort. At face value this could be perceived as simply another way to inundate your friends with daily updates, however, beneath the surface, it can act as an influential device. Aware that your friends are tracking your route and average speed, you’re much more likely to run that extra mile that you may normally pass on. After all, nobody wants their failed attempt posted online for the world’s viewing pleasure!

This digital advance not only promotes exercise and its health benefits, but also markets the leisure industry. Fitness bragging aside, social media news feeds is a fantastic way for consumers to endorse specific leisure centres. Online followers implicitly absorb details about class timetables, facilities and other services the company offers, whereas spectators witness the positive physical and mental impact their gym membership has on their body, health and well-being.

Here at Bigwave Media we launched our mobile app service almost a year ago and have since created a range of apps for leisure centres, complete with Content Management Systems (CMS) for real-time updates. To find out more about how mobile apps could benefit your business, please visit our services page or contact [email protected]

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