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Easy Ways to Engage Readers in Your Blog in 2023

Engagement is one of the most important metrics in digital marketing, as it demonstrates to us, as content creators, if what we are sharing is resonating with our audience. Engaged readers are likely to be your most curious, or loyal customers, so recognising the ways to keep them returning to your blog could pay dividends.

But how does this translate to blogs and other long-form content, how can we tell if users are engaged, and how can we use that engagement?

Tips To Increase Blog Engagement

In this blog, we have rounded up some ways to help you understand what is most important when writing blogs to ensure you reach your target audience and to increase your amount of engaged readers.

Create High-quality Content

It’s important that you create the best quality content when you are writing blogs, since this can engage readers to want to read more of your blogs, which ultimately results in better engagement. You should want to create content that is worth sharing, so an effective way to do this is by writing original content.

You could simply write about a personal experience, or if you get stuck for ideas, there are always plenty surfacing the internet. In addition to this, it’s also important to ensure that your blogs message is clear and informative so that ease is created for all types of readers.

Create Content Readers Are Looking For

Writing content for the sake of content can be counter-productive. You could craft a beautifully written and informative piece, but if nobody is searching for it, it won’t get read. When you are planning your content make sure to look for trending topics. You can use platforms such as a Google Search Console, Google’s Keyword Planner, or SEO platforms (we like SEMrush) to find inspiration. These platforms will show you what queries users are searching for, and therefore will boost your impressions and engagement.

A piece of advice when choosing your topic is to keep it specific. If you are a small brand covering genialised topics in your field, the chances are the reader will choose a more established brand to seek our information from. Find your niche and tailor your content towards that.

Consistent Blog Content Is Key

Staying consistent is very important when it comes to retaining engagement. You don’t have to post a blog every day to maintain good engagement, but by blogging on a regular basis you will be creating predictable intervals. As an example, if you know that your content is always published on a Wednesday, then readers may potentially visit your website on Wednesdays based on their own initiative. Consider creating a content plan to make this easier for both you and your team.

Engagement Is Everywhere

Engagement works in a wonderful way, so consider different avenues as to how you can maintain engagement through your own actions. You can ask your viewers to engage in a way in which it won’t seem forceful; an example could be by asking your readers to share their thoughts at the end of your blog post, or even by encouraging your readers to like and share your blog post on your social media channels. It’s also important to respond to any comments on your blog. Starting conversations with your audience is a great way to encourage your readers to engage more often, as well as create credibility for yourself and your business. You could also consider engaging on other blogs to inspire the writers of these blogs to engage back. This is also a good way of creating connections and allowing exposure to your work.

Use Images In Your Blogs

Adding strong graphics to your blogs can help them to reach a wider audience. Since not everyone can immediately understand the text they have just read, having visuals can also mean you will be reaching those who learn through visual stimulation. They’re also very effective in helping people understand what you are writing about in your blog, as it can aid readers in visually understanding what is being said. It’s important to make sure that the photos you add are relevant to your blog, as well as them being in the best possible quality.

Use Video Content In Your Blogs

Where possible, it is always a good idea to embed video content in your blog. Not only is this user-friendly in the same way graphics are, but the Google algorithm in 2023 is placing a high value on video content.

Although this is not always possible for all blogs, we advise where appropriate and possible you embed video content in your high-value blog topics. Ones that have a high conversion rate or potential for a high conversion rate.

Create Strong Headlines

Your blog title is the first thing that your readers read, and ultimately the most important aspect of your blog. They help to drive and increase traffic to your blog, so ensure that they can be read like headlines. Creating a strong headline is important, so ensure you have chosen a headline that is powerful yet to the point to ensure clarity. Your title should be a maximum of 8 words, and it should most importantly include the keyword for your blog.

Conduct SEO Research

Search engine optimisation research is key within blog writing your blogs as well as planning your content as we previously mentioned.

Scattering the relevant keywords within the piece and including relevant H tags will help your blog to rank highly on Google, meaning more readers will click on your blog. There is plenty of free information online to help you ensure your blogs are aligned with the relevant SEO practices such as internal linking, the correct use of H tags and image alt tags.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you could seek out the help of a marketing agency that can create content and copywriting for you.

Drive Traffic To Your Blog Posts

Everyone consumes content in their own preferred way, so it’s important to consider using other social media channels to get your message across. It’s also worth noting that everyone will use one social media platform more often than others, so essentially by sharing your work on other platforms you will see an increase in traffic to your blog. Repurposing content is a great way to make the most out of your content. The next time your write a blog, think about creating a visual you can share alongside it, as this can help not only drive traffic but also prolong the life of your blog content.

Make Your Blogs Informative AND Entertaining

The most important aspect to content writing is being able to inform and entertain your audience. If you feel that you need some creative inspiration, you could work with a creative writer to produce compelling and engaging blogs. On the other hand, if you’re looking to expand your own creativity, it’s always worth reading some blogs on the same or a similar topic to what your blog is about so that you can understand the different avenues within that topic that you would like to discuss.

In order to accumulate an engaged audience for your blog, you need to ensure you are stepping outside of your comfort zone and including the best and most original content that you can give. Whilst doing this, it’s important to include some of our steps so that people feel that they can engage back, since when giving good engagement, you would want to receive engagement back.

If you would like to optimise you blogs potential one of the best ways to hire a copy and content writer who specialises in SEO digital marketing, here at Bigwave we have a dedicated team on hand ready to take you online content to the next level.

Contact us today to discuss out SEO marketing services in relation to content and copywriting.

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