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Brands have GoT creative for the Game of Thrones finale

Who caught the last GoT episode? What a bloody ending – Arya kidding me? Who would have thought the throne would be taken by…JUUUUUUUST KIDDING. No spoilers here. However, we take no shame in littering this blog with puns #noygrittes

We’re not the only ones who are sad to see the famed show over and done with. Some brands loved it so much that they incorporated it into their own advertising. Here are some of our favourite creative Game of Thrones-themed advertising campaigns.


For the season finale, Oreo have released a GoT special pack of biscuits. #cookiesarecoming

And, let’s not forget their creative take on the title sequence:

Bud Light

The Superbowl in the US is kind of like its own Game of Thrones for advertisers. Check out this ad from Budweiser, with a medieval take on the show. Although the punch line should’ve been ‘That’s what I do – I drink and I know things….’

Johnnie Walker

Now that is the perfect opportunity to play around with your brand name – Johnnie Walker Whisky released the White Walker Whisky in celebration of the final season of our favourite show. I think it is pretty cool (if you’ll excuse the pun):

And finally, always on point with their marketing is KFC:

This poster looks tremendous, although it might take a slightly darker turn after the Bells episode of the final season. Dracarys!

This campaign was done by Ogilvy Hong Kong, read more about it here.

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