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Bigwave Launch a Simple to Use and Privacy Friendly Analytics System, SiteFlo

Here at Bigwave Marketing, we’re proud to be launching a new analytics system for our clients, SiteFlo.

What is SiteFlo? 

SiteFlo is a solution for no cookie, privacy friendly analytics, that is simple and easy to use. Hosted in the UK, the software is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR, and is a unique solution that not many marketing agencies offer. The new system will provide significant value to our clients, providing them with access to the performance of their business without compromising the visitor’s privacy and compliance with the UK, US and EU data protection laws.

What Does SiteFlo Feature? 

SiteFlo enables simple and easy-to-use analytics that tracks events, goals, and campaigns through URL parameters, and that integrates with Google Search Console to access keyword data for an accurate recall of which search terms send the most traffic.

The analytics system will also feature:

  • No cookies
  • Full compliance with GDPR, CPPA and PECR
  • Privacy friendly analytics and insights
  • No tracking across websites
  • Data that is more accurate than Google Analytics (not blocked by Adblockers)
  • Automatic relevant and useful metrics about websites
  • Fast and easy implementation

The analytics system can run alongside other analytics tools and services or work as a standalone service.

Who is SiteFlo For?

SiteFlo is suitable for every skill level, from webmasters who just want to know the top-line stats, to professional marketers who want to keep track of digital marketing campaigns through the same UTM parameters used in Google Analytics.

The solution will also be attractive for website operators seeking a lightweight and simple solution and other businesses who seek maximum compliance and accurate website data.

Solving an Urgent Problem!

Google will be sunsetting the old Google Analytics. From June 2023, all Google Analytics 3 accounts will stop tracking website stats. Webmasters will be expected to upgrade to the new version called GA4. This brings several issues with it:

  1. The new GA4 is well … new and different from the old analytics.
  2. Historical data from your old analytics account will be deleted.
  3. It’s not privacy friendly out of the box.
  4. Inaccurate statistics are provided by Google Analytics.

SiteFlo will allow for importing of the old Analytics data so it can still be accessible for future reference, (such as benchmarking current years to pre-pandemic website figures from 2019). In addition, the friendly interface with familiar statistics will mean there will be no need for additional training.

Below is a side-by-side view of SiteFlo’s advantages against other platforms:



Appeals to the average site-owner or non-digital marketing manager because it’s easy to use and simple to understand. Complex and intimidating, requires training and expertise.
Highly accurate and not blocked by ad blockers. This is a significant advantage as there is currently no reliable way to acquire data on the number of users that visit a website accurately. Often blocked by ad blockers – “42.7% of internet users worldwide report using an ad blocker”.
Compliance out of the box. Non-compliant out of the box.
No Cookies, no popups, and no extensive privacy policies. Features cookies and requires popups.
Visitor privacy. Full tracking.
Decreases page weight and load time. Increases page load times.
Data is owned by the client. Lots of integration, making it easy to use as a reporting tool.
UK/EU data residency. Advanced features and tracking.
Has the ability to demonstrate marketing effectiveness and ROI (return on investment). Has the ability to demonstrate marketing effectiveness and ROI (return on investment).
High level of transparency – Website stats are so safe that they can be shared with the public.
Can co-exist on the same site with any other Analytics platform.

So, Do We Just Stop Using Google Analytics Altogether?

This is up to you. SiteFlo will provide the most relevant data that most organisations seek, with the crucial added benefit that it is compliant with GDPR (EU/UK), CCPA (US) and PECR (UK). However, clients may still wish to use Google Analytics alongside it. Google Analytics will still provide many other features, and for webmasters that will more advanced functionality like eCommerce tracking or cross-domain tracking, GA4 is still the best option.

What makes SiteFlo different is the convenience, legal compliance, and the fact the analytics are easier to read and understand, making the system appealing to the average website owner who has little knowledge of analytics or the marketing manager that just wants to make quick decisions or track specific campaigns through the UTM tagging and goals system that SiteFlo supports.

SiteFlo is currently in development and is available for beta testing. The beta is FREE so if you are interested in knowing more, contact us.

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