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Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) is the blurring of the real with the virtual world. By analysing sound, graphical or GPS data, a person’s current perception of reality is enhanced. Whilst QR codes can be a way to connect customers to your online content, AR can help to make your content stand out. Imagine having a business card that played a video presentation to a potential customer, or a print flyer that they could swipe through your latest promotions. One famous example is the Pepsi Max bus shelter experience where they surprised members of the public with unbelievable scenarios.

As content marketing has increased, it is getting more difficult to get heard. Social media provides a good method for sharing material; but with everybody doing it, it can be like having a conversation in a loud nightclub?especially if you follow a lot of people on Twitter. That’s why it is important to have high quality visual content such as videos and images. But why limit it only to the digital arena when it is just as important to have a presence in the physical world. That’s where AR comes into play, with more users viewing online content with mobile devices, using AR would allow them to interact within a physical context.

Here are a few examples where AR could be used:


Attending conferences or trade fairs, all businesses will have a banner or two and flyers to promote themselves. If you have an exclusive offer for the event then by combining image scanning and GPS data (or perhaps iBeacon technology), visitors to your stand could be taken instantly to the landing page.

Brochures and Leaflets

Sales literature can come in many forms?.and can be expensive to keep up-to-date or have multiple versions for different events. AR can collate all press releases and articles, including some that are literally only minutes old, into one page. Embedding links will continue to drive traffic to your site and combined with videos will help to give your customers a greater understanding of your product.

Business Cards

The humble business card is still as popular as ever, it makes contact more personal than simply making a request on social media. With AR, your card can be more than simply a list of contact methods. It could create direct links to your social media profiles, sign-up pages to newsletters or even play a corporate video.

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