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4 Ways to prepare your Facebook page for the Christmas Holidays

At this time of year, the word Christmas can send some people into a state of panic. But, despite being early November, fans will start searching business Facebook pages any day now, for seasonal offers, events and promotion information.

Peer influence and social media are changing the way we discover and shop for holiday gifts, as consumers are increasingly trusting earned media over alternative forms of advertising. According to Mashable, 65% of shoppers now tap social media looking for the perfect gift, with Facebook leading the social channel for influencing gift purchase at almost 40%.

So, rather than waiting until you adorn your homes with festive trimmings, prepare your Facebook page now to make the most of these Christmas page visits. We have shared some ideas to help engage with your consumers and increase your fan base throughout the spirited season:

1. Add some Christmas Cheer to your Profile & Cover Photo

When visitors land on your Facebook page, the cover photo is the first thing they see. Whilst it is vitally important to choose an image that represents your brand, changing it to reflect current events, such as Christmas, will get your visitors into the spirit of the season!

Using a complementary profile photo with some added holiday cheer, aids the simple and fun way to connect with your audience, by reminding them that celebrating the Christmas season is something you share.


Remember, refreshing your profile and cover photo on a regular basis will also motivate consumers to check your page more often – Santa or no Santa!

2. Deck the Facebook Walls

Facebook recently updated their promotion guidelines, which now enables businesses to use their timeline to advertise. Christmas is a perfect time to take advantage of this and launch a creative, light-hearted, seasonal campaign, through the usual media of quizzes, photo contests and instant wins. Why not digitalise the season favourite advent calendar, by delivering daily prizes to reward and connect with your current and future Facebook fans. Anticipation and excitement will resemble opening a new window in their chocolate advent calendar!

3. Get in the Status Spirit

What’s your most memorable Christmas moment? What’s your favourite holiday song? Who’s tired from searching the shops for that perfect gift? We all know that asking a series of questions is the fail-proof way of increasing Facebook engagement. Giving them a festive spin is yet another simple way of refreshing your business page.

4. Awake the Creativity of your Fans

A visual contest is a classic Facebook competition that encourages interaction. Christmas is a fantastic time to revive merry scenes, and expose your brand, by inviting people to upload pictures or video or their most creative snowman, and so on. To create a viral effect, organise a voting contest among your users as well as encouraging them to share their favourite image on their Facebook page.

These four tips are just an insight into the numerous ways your Facebook page can be ready for the holiday traffic this year. If you want to run a creative Social Media Campaign this Christmas, please contact our team now on 0845 643 2385 to discuss your requirements.

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