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10 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

Using email for direct marketing is not a new phenomenon; however with current e-marketing systems, it is simpler to create sophisticated marketing campaigns than ever.  And as over half of internet users use email on a daily basis, it is an easy way to communicate with a potentially substantial, but also targeted audience.

1.    It’s simple.
Email marketing is straightforward to execute – you don’t need highly trained members of staff or a huge amount of time to do it. You simply add content to a template, choose a mailing list to send it to and send it.

2.    It’s cost-effective.
Most systems charge a monthly fee, but this is offset by eliminating the cost for design, testing, printing and distributing printed newsletters. In addition, printed advertising usually requires a substantial amount of labour to be effective – email marketing can be successfully undertaken by a single individual.

3.    It’s informative.
Email marketing easily enables you to access dynamic information on the success of your marketing campaign. You can access exactly who opened the email, where they were when they opened it, what time it was opened, which links they clicked on, where the email was shared and which email addresses on your database did not receive the email. When followed up effectively, this information is extremely valuable.

4.    It’s immediate.
One of the major benefits of email as a communication tool is the short time between being sent and reaching the recipient. The majority of campaign response usually occurs within 48 hours of sending the email – a fraction of the response time of a postal campaign.

5.    It’s personal.
You can easily personalise each email sent so it’s addressed directly to the recipient.

6.    It’s targeted.
You can segment your mailing list according to age, location, gender. You can also utilise data collected through previous campaigns to segment the list through previous links clicked on, interests indicated or products bought.

7.    It’s optional.
If people want to hear your message they will happily give you their email address. Then, if they choose that they no longer want to receive emails, they can opt-out at their discretion.

8.    It’s measurable.
The analytics on most systems will tell you how many people clicked on what link, how many times they clicked on it and give you a breakdown of who they are. You can use this data to find out where the most effective placement of links is on the page and what type of links are most popular, as well as looking at conversion rates.

9.    It’s interactive.
You can ask your recipients questions and set up polls – utilising email marketing as a feedback tool.  Also, you can encourage your recipients to share links and other media via their social networks; further widening the reach of the email.

10.    It’s media rich.
You can include videos, games, polls, music, graphics and photos in your campaign, making it exciting, attractive and interesting to your customers and allowing you to retain their attention for longer.

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