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Paid Social Advertising Agency

Paid Social Media Advertising

Looking for a paid social media advertising agency? You’re in the right place. Here at Bigwave, we care about our client’s growth and plan strategies that are proven to generate results.

Engage, influence, and convert customers with ads on feeds, stories, reels, and even in their inboxes.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide advertisers with the opportunity to drive relevant audiences to their page, site, or store for a relatively low cost.

Here at Bigwave, we’re Facebook Partners and can help you plan, create, and execute SUCCESSFUL social media advertising campaigns that drive interest and potential customers straight to you.

So, whether you’re looking to spend £500 – £50,000 per month on paid social advertising we can build a tailored strategy to help grow your business. Every penny and every person is tracked through to sale.

Paid Social Advertising Campaigns

Effective Paid Social Advertising Campaigns

Work With Us

Creating a successful ad campaign begins with defining your objective. There are a multitude of options to discuss so let’s keep it simple. The main campaign types are:

1. Brand awareness and engagement – used to grow social presence by encouraging page likes, post comments, and reactions. (you can’t take fruit from a tree without continually watering the tree)

2. Traffic – perfect for driving users to a website or landing page, ultimately resulting in meaningful conversions.

3. Leads – obtain vital customer details without the need for a bespoke landing page or website. Plus, platforms like Facebook make it easy to create forms within your ads, allowing you to choose which information is necessary and include GDPR opt-ins. It also populates these details for users to make the process as easy as possible.

Once the objective has been determined, we use Facebook pixel and Google tag manager to monitor the success of each ad. These tracking tools help us determine how successful a campaign is by registering which actions, such as a newsletter sign-up or a transaction, are driven by the ads so we can calculate return on investment.

Tailored Creative & Targeting


As paid social advertising becomes more lucrative, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are developing more creative ways to customise ads.

We ensure customers are never ad fatigued with hundreds of responsive vari\tions. Even a standard ad, which uses a single media format and has space for text and calls to action, can be impactful. Stunning imagery or video, clever wordplay, and the use of emojis are ways we can stop a scrolling eye.

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Want to know more? Have a free no-obligation chat with Gemma our Head of Paid Media.

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Considering Paid Social Remarketing?

Remarketing delivers your ads to visitors of your website who are yet to convert. As they’re already aware of your product or service, incentives usually work well for this audience. Other custom audiences include like-for-like, which serves ads to users who are in the same demographic or show interest in the same things as those who already like or follow your social page.

It’s our job as specialists to make the most of your budget. By utilising campaign, ad, and targeting tools we can ensure ads are served to relevant and engaged users. For more information about how we can be your one-stop social media ads agency, contact us on 01392 492380 today.

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