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TDA Group - Website Design & Build


Client Details

Torbay Development Agency

TDA Group was created by Torbay Council in 2011. The group is a collection of companies that offer diverse services spanning business and property, workspace management, and affordable housing. TDA Group is a social enterprise whose success stems from their passion for people and places.


Project Details

TDA Group - Website Design & Build


Our website design and development team at Bigwave Marketing helped TDA Group develop a new website that elevates user experience through quality design and navigation and to ensure they could benefit from a larger, better-functioning website that manages TDA’s multiple sectors and services.


Our Solution

A new website with greater user experience

This provider of outsourced building consultancy, engineering and property services by Torbay Borough Council utilises a colour palette to aid navigation to a wider audience segmentation. We chose this project as they have destinations and a property portfolio to present alongside events.

The built-in tagging systems enable case studies, news, and events to be pushed around the site and appear on relevant sections with management contained to a single source in the WordPress CMS.

For instance, a case study can appear in the case study section and simultaneously feed into relevant ‘Sector’ or ‘Services’ pages. This makes the site more approachable to the visitor whose provided with information that’s more relevant and supports their journey.


The Results

A brand-new website with one built-in CMS

The build took three months during which the site was purposefully expanded through two separate websites to replace an older satellite website shortly after the build and uses a WordPress multi-site configuration.

This provides TDA with one central CMS platform to manage content across all its web properties. News and events can now flow between sites whilst being managed centrally as one post. Likewise, styles and themes can be replicated or differed depending on the audience type.

For additional sites built by Bigwave that sit within the core TDA multi-site configuration, please visit:

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