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Content Marketing as part of an Acquisition Strategy


Client Details

Riviera Insurance

Riviera Insurance is a Torquay based insurance broker specialising in a range of business and personal products. The client has two brands, Riviera Insurance and All Sport Insurance. While Riviera offers a range of products to both individuals and businesses, All Sport specialises in insurance services for athletes and other high-profile individuals, and sports clubs.


Project Details

Content Marketing as part of an Acquisition Strategy

Riviera Insurance Group have a comprehensive marketing package with Bigwave Marketing, with a primary objective to generate leads. Alongside Paid Media and Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing is part of their solution to bolster their customer acquisition strategy. This includes Social Media Management and optimising website content.


Our Solution

A Comprehensive Marketing Solution for Financial Services

Our Social Media Management solution was a key part of the marketing strategy proposed. Social Media is an important tool in the awareness phase of a sales funnel, and the team at Riviera Insurance work closely with Bigwave’s content team to share information about new products, staff updates and team activities, and general company updates.

Their social media channels are utilised to build brand trust, reinforce their ‘local’ credentials, and publishing their latest news to their audience.

Ensuring that all information is accurate when potential customers are researching the company has also been a focus. Whether this is on social media channels or on their website, we have optimised content so that information is consistent and easily found by those looking, particularly as insurance is one of the most competitive niches in organic search.

Before planning any new content, we began with a content pruning initiative that saw a quarter of the old landing pages be gone from the website. This has later been supplemented with an on-page optimisation strategy of the main elements, reinforced by content briefs that attempted to address customer concerns and information gaps about each individual insurance product in much greater detail.


The Results

More reach equals more leads

Consistent, high-quality content posted regularly has resulted in audiences across all social media channels increasing, particularly LinkedIn with a 30% growth in page followers.

Consequently, posts are seen by and engaged with by more users.

On their website, we’ve addressed UI and UX concerns, rebuilt the URL structure, double proofed for originality and lack of thin and duplicate content on the website. This, along with the willingness of Riviera Insurance to work together with us has gone a long way in improving organic rankings, organic traffic and ultimately bringing in more leads for the second year running.

“Riviera Insurance have been working with Bigwave Marketing for less than a year and I am extremely impressed with their marketing services. They have been instrumental in increasing our online presence and driving traffic to my website through their expertise in PPC, Google Ads, social media, and SEO.

Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, always staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies.

Overall, I highly recommend Bigwave Marketing for anyone looking to grow their business online. Their marketing services are top-notch and have helped us achieve great results. Thank you, Bigwave!” Faye Roebuck – Operations Manager, Riviera Insurance

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