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New hospitality website


Client Details

The beautiful North Devonshire manor hotel started life as a monastery, a sanctuary for Benedictine monks and friars who called the area home in around 1000 A.D. In our main lounge you’ll see a mural depicting the original religious inhabitants of Northcote Manor.

The manor became crown property following the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539. King Henry VIII owned the manor for 21 years, leasing it out to Thomas de Soulemont, a courtier.


Project Details

New hospitality website

Northcote Manor is a hotel and spa located in the rolling countryside of North Devon. With web design and technology constantly advancing, it was time for Northcote Manor’s website to undergo a big refresh. They also desired a full review of their web content and wanted to improve its SEO value.


We proposed a bespoke design and build that would give a vibrant and enticing feel, whilst honouring the elegance and history of Northcote Manor. What’s more, it would enable Northcote to show off their new modern spa facilities for the use of hotel visitors and spa members alike.




Our Solution

Our solution

Using the world’s most popular content management system – WordPress – we built a series of bespoke Gutenberg ‘blocks’ to provide easy and flexible management of the website’s pages. These blocks meant that the page templates for each section could be easily constructed based on what was required to show to the user. Our content team set about writing content to populate these new pages to improve their SEO value and provide genuine benefit to the user. We also created a series of icons to enhance the clarity of information presented to the user, such as in the bedrooms where Northcote wanted to display highlights such as being ‘dog friendly’.


We also wanted to improve the user journey, as much of the content on the old website was difficult to find. We constructed a clear navigation for users to reach each of the key offerings of the hotel and spa, whilst keeping the booking link in view at the top of the screen.


By limiting our colour palette and including imagery wherever possible, the final design was striking and uncluttered, with a much more enjoyable user experience.


Some key improvements made included an easier hotel booking journey, a new elegant spa section and a stronger visual impact overall.


The Results

Website preview

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