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Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Website


Client Details

Hilton-Ames Chauffeurs

Hilton Ames, a London-style chauffeur company based in Exeter that provides transportation services throughout the UK. With over 30 years of combined licensed driving experience, including experienced blue light drivers, Hilton Ames has established a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and driving etiquette. The company’s Head of Business Development, Paul Newman, holds the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs Gold Badge, while Chauffeur James Robinson trains blue light services when not driving for Hilton-Ames Chauffuers.


Project Details

Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Website

Our Exeter Search engine optimization (SEO) service that successfully built and optimized a website from scratch to rank in Exeter for a challenging keyword. Despite facing many obstacles, such as competing against more established companies, our SEO experts were able to achieve a high ranking for the target keyword.



Our Solution

The strategies and techniques used by the SEO experts

To build a successful website and overcome challenges along the way we used:

  • SEO Friendly web design
  • Local keyword research (Exeter)
  • On-page optimisation
  • Off-page optimisation
  • User experience


The Results

Here is what happened

The website has seen increase visibility over a period of 6 month.

Achieved 1s rank in Google when searching for “chauffeurs exeter”:

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