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Boost Engagement and Generate Leads


Client Details

Halo Leisure

Halo Leisure is a Social Enterprise and registered charity that manages leisure facilities in England and Wales. A social enterprise means Halo trades for social purposes, putting the interests of people, communities, and the world ahead of shareholder gain.

Halo are a registered charity and non-profit organisation, with no shareholders, and all the money Halo make is put back into the leisure facilities. When customers spend money with Halo, it’s reinvested back into Halo’s services – the community helping the social enterprise sustain leisure activities throughout the country.


Project Details

Boost Engagement and Generate Leads

The Covid-19 pandemic has been hard-hitting for everyone, and it particularly initiated a decline in the public’s psychical activity. People are nervous to return to their local leisure centres to maintain an active lifestyle, and some just can’t afford to join because of the effects of the pandemic, among other reasons.

Every year, Bigwave Marketing support Halo Leisure on a lead generation and PR campaign, 12 Days of Christmas, which runs over the festive period. Bigwave comes up with new ideas on how to engage Halo’s audience using their skills as the leading creative growth partner in the UK leisure industry. The agency manages the entire campaign on Halo’s behalf, and this year resurrected a 12-day competition to help Halo’s members stay engaged with the brand in the run-up to Christmas, attract and engage non-members, and generate leads through paid media solutions.


Our Solution

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Bigwave is the leading creative growth partner for UK leisure and consists of a specialist team of marketers who have supported Halo Leisure for 15 years.

For the 2021 Christmas campaign, Bigwave strategized an online scratch card competition to boost Halo’s engagement and attract both members and non-members. Over the course of 12 days, people had the chance to win a six-month Halo Leisure membership for one person, plus a friend. Every day during the campaign, there was a chance to win other prizes and offers, such as discounted products and services.

We have worked with Big Wave on our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ lead generation and PR campaign for many years now. Every year Big Wave comes up with new ideas to keep it fresh and to engage with even more people. It is now a social media lead competition where members and the public at large have a chance to win a daily prize of 6 months free membership for them and a friend. Even if they don’t win, they don’t lose as each day a consolation prize is on offer such as discounted retail products and services – this is a very useful way to cross sell and grow secondary spend. 

Big Wave project manage the entire campaign from concept, content, copywriting, data collection, data sharing, social assets, customer communications.”

– Cathy Fletcher, Marketing Manager at Halo Leisure


The Results

Thousands of Entries and New Members

Bigwave Marketing successfully supported Halo Leisure in boosting awareness and generating leads during a difficult season. The campaign also lifted the spirits of Halo Leisure staff, members, and non-members, providing winners with discounts, offers, and encouraging them to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Last year we had 6002 entries made by 3156 individuals. This was a great way to keep our members connected to our brand in the busy run up to Christmas but more importantly it engaged with non members – in fact 1284 people that were not on our books took part. 74% of these opted into Halo communications which allowed us to follow up these prospects, offering a membership special offer which resulted in 100 new members. This is a healthy 11% conversion at a time of year when membership sales are traditionally very low and when consumers are still displaying a degree of nervousness related to Covid.

Big Waves planning, creative, implementation and monitoring input was invaluable and certainly helped make this campaign the success it was.”

– Cathy Fletcher, Marketing Manager at Halo Leisure

Bigwave’s PPC results demonstrated that more than 6,000 people entered (over 1,200 being non-members), and a total of 100 people signed up. The campaign generated over 100,000 impressions, reached almost 30,000 people, and the CTR (click-through rate) was 93% higher than average for the fitness and leisure industry.

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