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Client Details

Community Leisure UK

Community Leisure UK (CLUK) is a members’ association representing the charitable Leisure and Cultural Trust market with over 120 Leisure Trusts across England, Scotland, and Wales.

CLUK’s work is to provide a nationwide platform for members to meet peers and access strategic partners so they can find best practice solutions and recommendations to tackle future industry developments. By using the power of the collective membership, the association also aims to represent, reach, influence, and promote the benefits of the charitable trust model at a national level, to inform policy, and increase understanding of this model.


Project Details

Connecting Communities during Covid

Following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the leisure industry, Bigwave felt it was important to do something that supported and contributed to the sector during such uncertain times. The most important message was to ensure that communities felt connected with their local facilities and were reassured that they could re-visit and enjoy their participation.

This is when Bigwave approached CLUK with the idea of the Community Active Platform, creating a national listing of all trusts and facilities in the UK, supported by two national campaigns.

When an under-current suggested that the Leisure Industry may start to re-open facilities in July 2020, this is when Bigwave launched the ‘Get U Back’ campaign supported by CLUK. The campaign successfully helped the sector bounce back when lockdown restrictions lifted and was followed up with a second ‘Key to Health and Happiness’ campaign also designed to champion Cultural & Leisure Trusts and engage a positive message to the community to get people back into gyms, libraries, parks, theatres, and more.

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Supporting our members to help them engage and support their communities, is our highest priority. Having a dedicated campaign like this one created by Bigwave, enables public leisure and culture services to really articulate their role for communities and their keenness to connect with their customers during and after this current pandemic. Our members care about their place and people in those places, hence the ‘Get U Back/ Cael ti yn ól message is a powerful one for our members to share and share proudly.

Cat Atwater, Chief Executive of Community Leisure UK


Our Solution

Just the team for the job

As the leading creative growth partner for the UK leisure industry, Bigwave has a specialist team that has a long-established partnership spanning over 10 years with CLUK, supporting leisure and cultural clients at the forefront of encouraging and increasing physical activity across the UK.

With Bigwave providing Community Leisure UK with a brand-new facility at the start of the pandemic, it has since had 66 Trusts sign up and over 450 facilities listed.


The Results


Bigwave successfully assisted with unifying Trust operators in educating the public and re-engaging communities by reminding them of the value of being part of a safe and local leisure or cultural facility. Providing local networks of Trusts with national advertising alongside local engagement, it represented the first unified message to champion the broad range of activities offered by Trusts across the UK.

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