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Client Details

Clever Soap

Clever Soap is a vegan-friendly cosmetics brand that develops face and body skincare products that are sulphate-free, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.


Project Details



Clever Soap approached Bigwave Marketing to help create a new and improved product range with a complete redesign. The design team at Bigwave concluded with the client that it would also be an excellent opportunity to rebrand Clever Soap as a whole.

The previous designs, as shown above, look clinical, so the Bigwave designers decided to go for a softer and friendlier style to enhance the visual appeal and attract more customers.


Our Solution

A soft rebranding that appeals to all genders


Bigwave’s solution was to create a softer feel so that the brand didn’t lean towards a particular gender, making it appealing to everyone. The design team worked with the client to come up with two core colours to represent specific wants and needs. Together, they decided to opt for blue for dry skin conditions and orange for people who are prone to breakouts.

Bigwave opted for clarity and simplicity for the product range with solid blocks of colour to separate key information so that customers can easily read and understand the packaging. The colour palette (blue and orange for specific products) is a vital brand tool for customers to easily recognise each product. When Clever Soap launches a new product, Bigwave has ensured there is a structure that can grow with Clever Soap, allowing them to simply assign a dedicated colour to that new product and include it in the overall brand.

“Bigwave helped rebrand the company, with new packaging that really stands out, allowing us to expand the product range and eventually go retail.”

– Ryan Clarke, Founder @ Clever Soap

The new logo is clear and simple to ensure the brand is welcoming. The logo’s typeface was carefully selected to ensure the new logo is bold but not too intimidating.

Bigwave opted for clarity and simplicity for the product range with short and punchy text that details all the key information on a black, blue, and white colour palette.


The Results

A complete rebrand that enhanced visual appeal

It’s too early to evaluate the results of the rebrand, however, Bigwave successfully helped Clever Soap rebrand their company and product packaging, enhancing both the visual appeal and message they are trying to deliver to current and prospective customers.

The new product designs appeal to people of all ages and genders, going from a rather unappealing, medical-looking design to a bolder and more modern look.


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