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Rebranding & a new website


Client Details


BSG is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of groundbreaking UV light technology. Specialising in commercial and industrial applications, BSG creates innovative systems that disinfect, sanitise, remove unwanted odours, and offer preventative maintenance to improve health and safety.


Project Details

Rebranding & a new website

Bigwave Marketing has been working with BSG for a while, back when BSG was known as Biozone Scientific International, and the Bigwave team has helped BSG on their journey to transform their brand and help bring its story to life.


Our Solution

Developing a story that’ll enable BSG to grow internationally

Bigwave Marketing’s solution was to redesign BSG’s brand and website by developing a unique story that’ll enable BSG to grow internationally.

The new BSG logo and UV line running throughout the brand are simple but highly effective. The colour palette is modern, clean, and hygienic to ensure premium branding, clear messaging, and consistency no matter the collateral.

Bigwave utilised video marketing to launch and build the brand story by creating a new website and other design elements with effortless efficiency. There was a lot of work to complete, 150 pieces at one point during the process, and the Bigwave team calmly and systematically delivered the finished article with impeccable feedback from the client.

“The team at Bigwave were set-off running and have never looked back, the journey has been amazing, and we are only just getting started.”

– Philip Hudson Group Product Marketing Manager @ BSG


The Results

Successful completion of rebranding to reach growth ambitions

The brand story centred around the new BSG website is a scalable asset that’ll be the central marketing tool for BSG’s growth ambitions. Phase 1 is almost complete whilst the functionality is being updated to include language and more relevant content.

The new website is safer and more dynamic than ever before.

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